Our surveillance services include the installation of new or the upgrading or addition of cameras to your site, high definition is obtained by either choosing to install HD Analog or HD IP Camera systems on your site.

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Electric Fencing

Our Electric Fencing installation solutions that are linked to camera systems can include triggers that display the area in the guard room when an electric fence has been triggered.

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Gate Automation

Our Gate Automation solutions, from gate motors, swing arm motors, garage door motors, servicing and more.

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Control Room Setups

Our Control Room Setup solutions offer you the client a working enviroment from which your control room staff can monitor your site or complex, these control rooms are custom built to your requirements.

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Maintenance Contracts

Peace of Mind

Maintenance Contracts that wont cost you an arm or a leg!!!

A TOTAL peace of mind solution, allow us to replace faulty equipment and service all your equipment, our maintenance contracts allow you to continue focusing on your companies goals and allows us to make sure your security is always up and running.

See below contract offerings:

  • Rent to Own

  • Faulty Equipment Cover

  • Site Equipment Servicing

  • Free Callouts