Our Contributions to Charities

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    Door of Hope
    Berea Baptist Church is a small Mission Church established in the very heart of Johannesburg. It consists of two houses and a few outbuildings. The main house is used as a place of worship for people from 16 different nations and the 2nd house is for the residing pastor and his wife.

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    Friends of the Cat
    Friends of the Cat is a Pro-Life Organisation. As a matter of policy, we will not destroy a healthy animal. Euthanasia is only considered an option if the animal is suffering or the prospect of full recovery is poor. Friends of the Cat works closely with Veterinarians to do the very best possible for all animals in our care. We encourage sterilisation of all cats as there are too few homes to adopt cats and the feral population is out of control.

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    Barking Mad
    BarkingMad is not an actual shelter, it is a networking website only, helping shelters and the public to responsibly rehome the animals in their care around South Africa. The animals featured on the website are in various locations around the country. Please contact the details provided with each profile for more information. Unless the animals profile has DogtownSA as the contact details, those animals are not at our rehabilitation centre.

Paying it forward for every job we do

Why we do it

Umbrella Security endeavor to help make the lives of those in need a company objective, from providing cash transfers to the purchasing of clothing for those in need. We believe strongly in paying it forward and with every job we do, we offer something of value back to those in need.

Donations to date: R1300