Here you will find the most frequently asked questions in the security industry and answers to some of the content displayed on our website.

How do you define Security

  • The safety and security of ones own personal being is determined by many factors, these factors include self-awareness first and foremost coupled with technology that aids in the protection of ones self. In order to maintain a high level of ones protection, we make use of technology that will or does minimize the total risk.

    When we look at security as a whole we take into account ones wealth as a factor, those individuals that are wealthier than others are always at more risk than those that are not. This is due to assets the individual owns and how crime targets wealthy individuals and the assets they own. An individual that is wealthy will own expensive items which is highly sort after by criminals, thus, individuals that have wealth have increased security measures in place to prevent both harm in the event of a break in or increased security to protect their assets.

    By implementing security, we effectively make it harder for criminals to gain access to those assets or to harm that individual. This applies both to individuals and companies that have assets which aid in the running of their businesses. Below you will find more information on the technology that aids us in combating crime.

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    What is an Analog system
    What is an IP Based System
    What is Video Analytics
    What is Gate Automation
    What is Electric Fencing
    What is an Energiser
    What is a PTZ
    What is Thermal
    Remote Access to Cameras
    What is IP65 and IP66
    What is IR
    What is a Control Room
    What is WDR
    What is a Hybrid DVR
    What is a FishEye Camera
    What is 3D DNR

    What is a CCTV Camera

  • CCTV Cameras are devices that record images which are then transmitted to recording units either through an analog signal or a digital signal. Cameras take a series of pictures called frames which are then sent to the recording unit which then in turn compiles the images and converts them into video files. When we consider space in a recording unit, we consider the following: the number of frames or pictures coming from the camera known as frames per second, the default being 25 frames per second and we reduce this number to increase the number of recordings the DVR recording units hard drive will hold.

  • What is a DVR

  • When we refer to a DVR - we are talking about a Digital Recording unit, recording units come in different forms, a typical recording unit is a recording unit which is also known as an embedded unit which runs an operating system and its sole function is to record the images from the cameras, we also get server or desktop recording units which have built in capture cards that allow the cameras to plug into, this also has an operating system, however, more functionality and upgrade options are available on this solution, such as adding more hard drives to increase the amount of recording the unit will hold.

  • What is a NVR

  • A NVR is a recording unit which handles IP based digital signal camera traffic and recordings from IP based cameras. The technology is different from analog in the sense that all cameras are connected through a network switch rather than connecting directly onto the recording unit, this is not to say that a NVR cannot accommodate the connection of an IP based camera, for large sites where cameras need to be connected from one side of a site to the other, you would typically install switches around the site which are then connected to each other by means of a fibre backbone.

  • What is an Analog system

  • An analog system is a system or connectivity of a system by using coax cable, similar to the cable used in homes for a TV video signal, the cable carries analog signal and also has a positive and negative power cable which runs alongside the video signal cable in order to power the camera. In the past HD signal was not able to be sent on an analog cable, but with new advances in technology, HD signal can now be sent over analog cable, also referred to as HD-CVI and HD-TVI and AHD.

  • What is a IP Based System

  • An IP based system is digital technology that makes use of a network also known as CAT5 or CAT6 to handle the transmission of data from the cameras to the recording unit or server. All cameras are allocated a unique IP address on the network, the recording unit or server is then configured to connect to the camera. An IP based CCTV system is more expensive than an Analog system due to the equipment used to connect all the cameras on the network. IP systems were originally introduced to the market to obtain high definition images from cameras, but now with HD analog systems which are a lot cheaper than IP based systems, there is no real reason to consider IP unless your site is large, in which case you will require IP for connectivity to the cameras which are housed far from the recording unit. This can also be accomplished by means of a wireless network using point to point connectivity.

  • What is Video Analytics

  • Video analytics is technology that offers many different types of functionality to complement your cameras recording functionality. Analytic features such as Zone restrictions which can be setup, that if an individual enters a certain zone, an alarm is triggered, or if a passive motion eye is to be installed at the camera that the analytics is setup to trigger an alarm if motion is detected near the camera where the camera cannot detect the individual. Basically, analytics is added functionally to your cameras recording functionality.

  • What is Gate Automation

  • Gate Automation is a fancy way to say, a gate motor that opens when you press a button on your remote, however, new technologies now allow for many new features than typically opening a gate. Lets have a look at some of them, your gate motor can be integrated into your flood lights, your gate motor can be integrated into your alarm system, tamper proof can now be integrated into your armed response. Those are new and upcoming features of gate motors. If we look at current gate motors, we have a few different types on the market, they are as follows, Sliding Gate Motors, Tip Up Garage Door Motors, Swing Arm motors and others. The gate motor comes with a receiver which is then paired to your remotes, they are programmed to open and close the gate when the button is pressed. Gate Motors also support sensors so they do not close on your car, however, intruders use this to their advantage to enter behind your car as you drive in which then tell yours gate motor to open the gate which then allows intruders to drive in behind you.

  • What is Electric Fencing

  • I got the following from Wiki: An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals from crossing a boundary. The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from discomfort to death. Most electric fences are used today for agricultural fencing and other forms of animal control, although they are frequently used to enhance the security of sensitive areas, such as military installations, prisons, and other security sensitive places; places exist where lethal voltages are used. As you can see they dont live in South Africa where nearly 80% of all homes have Electric Fencing, why? Because it works, when installed correctly. Electric Fencing utilizes electricity along the entire wire line to shock criminals who are trying to gain access to your property, it is your first line of defence, regulations stipulated that it may not cause death, that doesnt mean it canít shock the hell out of whoever is trying to gain access to your property. Electric Fencing wire is connected to a unit called an Energizer which pulses and regulates the amount of current on the line. Intruders need to be grounded on the ground for this electric circuit to take effect.

  • What is an Energiser

  • Electric fences emit pulses of high voltage at different intervals of time, this is done by means of an energiser unit. Depending on the area to be fenced and remoteness of its location, fence energizers may be hooked into a permanent electrical circuit, they may be run by lead-acid or dry cell batteries, or a smaller battery kept charged by a solar panel. The power consumption of a fence in good condition is low, and so a lead-acid battery powering several hundred metres of fence may last for several weeks on a single charge. For shorter periods, dry cell batteries may be used. Some energizers can be powered by more than one source.

  • What is a PTZ

  • A PTZ can be found on dome cameras that have functionality to PTZ - Pan, Tilt, Zoom, this is done by means of a controller which has a joystick on it allowing you to move the dome as you wish, its guaranteed that you will see at least one if not more PTZ Domes in your larger shops like Pick n Pay and Checkers, Casinos, Malls etc.

  • What is Thermal

  • Thermal cameras are cameras that make use of different light or heat signatures to display intruders or animals etc. Typically, you will find thermal cameras being used on perimeters of large companies where they need to see what is in the darkest areas or corners of their properties at night time. Without getting too technical, Thermal imaging is done by means of infrared radiation in the form of wavelengths.

  • Remote Access to Cameras

  • Remote Access to your cameras on you cell phone, laptop or Ipads is done by changing the rules for incoming and outgoing traffic on your router, and by providing your recording unit with the IP address of your router also known as the gateway. Most, but not all, recording units will allow for remote connectivity using a uniquely generated QR code found in the recording units configuration page, by scanning this code with the recording unit manufactures software installed on your phone or ipad, it automatically creates the connection settings for you and connects you to your recording unit which then displays all your cameras. For Recording units that do not offer QR codes, we then require alternative connection methods to point our connection to your recording unit. This can be done in 2 ways, the first is using a static IP Address which is allocated to you by your ISP, however this is usually only given to business clients who pay for a business service. The second way is to use Dynamic DNS Entries, where we create a unique name for your connection such as: BobsCamerasinSA.dyndns.org, this name then is configured on your router and is setup to update the dynamic dns entry each time the routers IP address changes.

  • What is IP65 and IP66

  • IP 65 and IP66 are manufacturing standards also known as Ingress Protection or International Protection ratings, this is what it means below:
    IP65 Enclosure - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle.
    IP66 Enclosure - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.
    IP 67 Enclosures - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against immersion.

  • What is IR

  • IR also known as Infra Red is technology utilized by cameras to display images in dark areas where there is no light. IR security cameras depend on reflected infrared light to display images using an infrared sensitive video sensor. The small little lights found around the camera lens.

  • What is a Control Room

  • A dedicated Control Room is a room which is built to custom specifications for a client, these clients require constant monitoring of there premises, warehouse, production lines or product sales. Security monitoring staff are required to monitor multiple monitors with cameras footage in real time to identify incidents. These control rooms often have the Recording units, Switches, Fire Detection Systems, Alarm Systems and UPS backup power supply installed in them.

    What is WDR

  • WDR, also known as Wide Dynamic Range is the difference in light levels in an image, a camera with WDR will be able to stablize the image to show all light spots and dark spots at the same time, see below images for an indication of WDR. Please know that DWDR is a cheaper version of WDR.

    Camera with no WDR

    Camera with WDR

  • What is a Hybrid DVR

  • A hybrid DVR is a DVR recording unit which supports both analog cameras and IP cameras, both can be connected to the DVR recording unit and will allow recording of both an analog signal and Digital signal via Coax Cable and Cat5 or Cat6 cable, see below image for an indication of how a Hybrid works: Hybrid DVR Diagram

  • What is a FishEye Camera

  • A Camera with a Fisheye is a camera that will show an image in a full 360 degrees vs your normal image, this is utilized mostly in class rooms or above the middle of a shop, Fisheye cameras also have the ability to take a full 360 degree image and split that image into 4 parts to be displayed as a normal image would.

  • What is 3D DNR

  • Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) is a method by which the camera's imager digitally removes noise from the image. 3D DNR is an advancement of this technology which enables noise to be filtered even more effectively from the image, even in low light conditions.

  • Security SERVICES


    Our surveillance services include the installation of new or the upgrading or addition of cameras to your site, high definition is obtained by either choosing to install HD Analog or HD IP Camera systems on your site.

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    Our Guarding services provide either monthly guards at your premises or weekends or even a single day/night shift, all guards are equiped with cellphones, pepper spray and handcuffs.

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    Electric Fencing

    Our Electric Fencing installation solutions that are linked to camera systems can include triggers that display the area in the guard room when an electric fence has been triggered.

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    Custom Security Cages

    Our custom built security cages are made of Galvanized steel which come in two different types of mesh. Protect your high risk items and product with a top of the line security cage.

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    Control Room Setups

    Our Control Room Setup solutions offer you the client a working enviroment from which your control room staff can monitor your site or complex, these control rooms are custom built to your requirements.

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    Maintenance Contracts

    Peace of Mind

    Maintenance Contracts that wont cost you an arm or a leg!!!

    A TOTAL peace of mind solution, allow us to replace faulty equipment and service all your equipment, our maintenance contracts allow you to continue focusing on your companies goals and allows us to make sure your security is always up and running.

    See below contract offerings:

    • Rent to Own

    • Faulty Equipment Cover

    • Site Equipment Servicing

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